• Gut Friendly, Hormone Balancing, Apple Beetroot Salad.

    Gut Friendly, Hormone Balancing, Apple Beetroot Salad.

    We need fibre, motility and hydration for our hormones to be regulated, stagnation/constipation, over time, will only result in Oestrogen being recirculating in the body and not flushed out, specially Xenoestrogen, Fibre, will ensure you are regular everyday, a diet void of fibre will be detrimental, not only to your hormones, but your gut health… Continue reading

  • Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini

    Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini

      Apples are synonymous with Gut health, they contain both Pectin and Quercetin, the later aiding in the Glucuronidation process in our bodies, don’t worry if you think this process is quite a mouthful, leave the science to me, for now, know that apples are gut healing, potatoes act as resistant starch when cooked and allowed to cool, feeding… Continue reading

  • Prawns Veggie Curry

    Prawns Veggie Curry

    Let me just assure you ‘prawns will NOT raise your cholesterol’, prawns are protein rich and are a very good source of vitamin B12, iron and phosphorus. They are a good source of healthy fats and many vitamins and minerals, so go ahead, try this yummy delicious curry and not only you’ll be hooked, you will… Continue reading

  • Cauliflower Potatoes Mince!

    Cauliflower Potatoes Mince!

        Autumn is full of seasonal goodness to help support our immune system & prepare us for winter. I’ve missed creating new dishes, so tonight I got inspired to create this wholesome dish that has all the macro nutrients we need + some micro nutrient minerals too. I’m using cauliflower carrots 🥕potatoes 🥔 courgette tomatoes🍅… Continue reading

  • Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

    Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

      This is really more of a winter dish,  but like most of us,  ideally I like to feed my family vegetarian meals at least twice a week, this favourite of mine, is a much simpler version of the Egyptian dish ‘Koshari’ Whenever I cook a non meaty meal, I’m always conscious of including a vegetarian… Continue reading

  • Stuffed Cabbage!

    Stuffed Cabbage!

    Cabbage is part of the cruciferous family vegetables, its super healthy, & supports liver detoxification, but lets face it, not cooked in a nice way, it can be quite bland and dull. This recipe is not only delicious but full of goodness herbs that work synergistically with the cabbage to provide you with plenty of… Continue reading

  • My Nutritious Shepherd’s Pie

    My Nutritious Shepherd’s Pie

    This yummy recipe, is one of my boys favourites,  it’s an old British recipe, I modify it slightly to be compatible with mahashouse’s nutritious meals. Here’s a little trivia for you. Apparently if you use lamb mince as in this recipe, then it is called Shepard’s pie, if you use beef mince however its then… Continue reading

  • Keto. Lamb & Veggie Dinner.

    Keto. Lamb & Veggie Dinner.

      Wondering what a typical Ketogenic meal would look like, then look no further than this yummy recipe!! Lamb has been and always will be my preferred meat, contrary to common beleive, its not as fatty as beef, not only its enzymes are easier to digest, but unlike beef, lamb breeders do not tend to… Continue reading

  • Bone Loving Vegetable Tagine.

    Bone Loving Vegetable Tagine.

      Once or twice a week, its advisable to cleanse your body through nourishing foods. Eating only plant based foods. Recent researches are showing the power of following a plant based diet, to support bone and overall health, plants are full of not only crucial vitamins for your health but the minerals too your bones… Continue reading

  • Alkaline Green Juice Lunch.

    Alkaline Green Juice Lunch.

    As a Naturopath with a keen interest in bone & hormonal heath, I’m always striving for an Alkaline dominant diet, which in real terms sometimes can be hard to achieve my target of 80%, with that in mind and for a  diverse lunch, every now and then if I’m home for lunch I will juice… Continue reading

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