Fermented Ginger For Better Digestion!

All disease being in the gut ‘Hippocrates’ Having a good digestive system, starting from your mouth ‘chew chew train’ to your large intestines, is key to your overall health. You could be eating the best diet for you, never the less, if your stomach acid is not high enough to digest your food, kill pathogens, … Continue reading Fermented Ginger For Better Digestion!

Why MahasHouse!

2020 is fast approaching, what a wonderful era we live in, all the advance technology around us, the abundance of crops, the various choices for us all, if you need to eat healthy then it's available, you want fast 'convenient food' its at your finger tip everywhere...Modes of transport are advancing, with new electric cars … Continue reading Why MahasHouse!

Is Coffee Good or Not For Bone Health!

Most of us  start our day with a cup of hot coffee, but few realise the health benefits coffee provides. Some may think that coffee is unhealthy, but multiple studies have shown that coffee has many positive impacts on overall health. Moderate coffee consumption is compatible with a bone-healthy diet. Let's have a look at … Continue reading Is Coffee Good or Not For Bone Health!

6 Foods For Allergies & What To Avoid If You Suffer With Hay Fever

As the weather starts to warm, hay fever which is a seasonal issue, can turn what should be one of the most enjoyable times of the year into an itchy, runny, sneezy mess.  So, what is hay fever! You have probably heard and perhaps even used the expression ‘hay fever’ without really understanding exactly what … Continue reading 6 Foods For Allergies & What To Avoid If You Suffer With Hay Fever

The Forbidden Fruit ‘Apple’

Mahashouse followers will undoubtably know that we're all about seasonal eating, but this 'miraculous' fruit IS THE EXCEPTION, since it grows in different seasons throughout the world, its the one fruit, that can be grown in almost every soil in every region of the world, which is nature's intent, as the benefits of this fruit … Continue reading The Forbidden Fruit ‘Apple’