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  • My Top 7 Dresses Oscar 2019 !

    My Top 7 Dresses Oscar 2019 !

    This year’s trend is all about tulle, silk, bright colours and free flow, no one has done it better this Oscar season than my top choice, Valentino, at Number one, 1- Gemma Chan is this eye popping, free fun flowing, fuchsia colour gown, I’ve never been more out of breath seeing a dress, its a… Continue reading

  • My McQueen Tribute!

    My McQueen Tribute!

    11th of February 2010, a date I will never forget. Sat in my London flat working on my laptop one evening, the news was being broadcasted on TV in the back ground, when suddenly I heard my favourite fashion designer’s name, sadly it was the horrific news of his sudden departure from our world, I… Continue reading

  • This Season’s Hottest 7 Bags

    This Season’s Hottest 7 Bags

    Its been a while since I blogged about fashion, well its been a hectic fun summer + I’ve been focusing more on my studies and my online clinic, but I realised, that being one track minded is being closed minded, so needed to escape back to my other passion…FASHION I’ve come up with this wonderful… Continue reading

  • My Top 7 Royal Wedding Dresses!

    My Top 7 Royal Wedding Dresses!

    Today, the 19th of May 2018, was a historical day indeed, not only the royal family has married into an African American race, but equally in a ceremony that was just as controversial & modern. Not our interest here at mahashouse, never the less, it was worth noting, more importantly #Fashion , here’s my top… Continue reading

  • My Top 7 Mini Bags,The Hottest Trend This Season.

    My Top 7 Mini Bags,The Hottest Trend This Season.

    Mini Mini bags is a sleek and practical style for every day.  Its the hot trend in bags this season,  it can be worn both day and evening for an effortless nod to the season’s trends. You can purchase all these bags at either Matches Fashion, or Netaporter. Here’s by top 7 picks. At number one,… Continue reading

  • 7 Top CrossBody Bags For This Season.

    7 Top CrossBody Bags For This Season.

    I have a confession to make…..I was one of those ladies, who would criticise women wearing a crossbody bags, well guess what…Years later, and I’m a convert myself, not only they are convenient and light to carry on the shoulders, but as If you’re like moi who travels a lot, its very assuring to have… Continue reading

  • My Top Golden Globes 2018 Dresses!

    My Top Golden Globes 2018 Dresses!

    2018 Golden Globe’s theme was Black wear, for both men and women, apparently in solidarity with the initiative Time’s UP supporting women who are bringing forward sexual harassment complaints. You could have envisaged a somber, funeral like atmosphere, instead the result was one of the most elegant, genuinely chic red carpets in Hollywood. Here’s my top choices… Continue reading

  • Mrs Trump redeems her look with a McQueen dress.

    Mrs Trump redeems her look with a McQueen dress.

    Recently I’ve written with horror about the fuchsia Delpozo dress Melania Trump wore for her UN speech, today she rectifies that, and & redeems herself, wearing the closest dress to our heart from the McQueen Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Hosting the PM of Thailand and his first lady.   Those who follows mahashouse fashion blog will… Continue reading

  • Melania Trump Fashion Faux Pas!

    Melania Trump Fashion Faux Pas!

    Quite rarely does Melania Trump fails at her fashion choices, fact is so far I’ve been an admirer of her outfits, I think they specifically suit her post as a first lady, after all if you copy Jackie Onassis, how can you go wrong. Yesterday sadly though, she wore that pink thing at her UN… Continue reading

  • This Season’s 7 Hottest Tan Leather Trends.

    This Season’s 7 Hottest Tan Leather Trends.

    This season the ’70s is back with a passion, 70s style nostalgia manifests in ‘Pattes d’elephant’ style pants, retro suede jackets and the classic tan bag. Here’s MahasHouse 7 top tan bags for you to pick from this season. At Number  Loewe’s ultra-modern Hammock bag puts a contemporary twist on tradition. Even better, it shape-shifts… Continue reading

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