Why MahasHouse!

2020 is fast approaching, what a wonderful era we live in, all the advance technology around us, the abundance of crops, the various choices for us all, if you need to eat healthy then it’s available, you want fast ‘convenient food’ its at your finger tip everywhere…Modes of transport are advancing, with new electric cars to improve our environment, I’m not trying to be in denial, ignoring the global warming, and the environmental impact the industrial revolution has brought upon us….Instead, I’m rather trying to stay optimistic, positive that the future is bright and that Nature always has a way of correcting its flaws.

Whats all the above has to do with MahasHouse/? or Indeed why I rather choose to name my blog MahasHouse!! instead of MahasNutrition, or Naturopathic Maha or just MahaBlakeway.com…

  • To start with, I’ve never been conventional, all my life, I’ve strived to be different, never follow the herd, but rather start the trend, it became apparent to my family when I chose to marry out of my race, contrary to all my family members or friends… what a gamble I took there, such vast differences in culture….and the point here is, it doesn’t matter whether it has paid off or not!!, we enjoyed the ride, and for both of us, we broke the mold and haven’t been conventional…..Don’t worry, I’m getting to the main point of my title now 🙂
  • Well…I’ve chosen MahasHouse for my blog name, ‘even though its primarily Nutrition/Naturopathy focused’, as I really wanted to reiterate that,,, my focus in life is to promote health and longevity, and Nutrition alone would never ensure optimal health, but rather so many varied factors, hence why I’ve chosen to put them all under one roof, MahasHouse and its surroundings. Here’s a few examples of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, for me anyhow !…
  1. Family
  2. Spirit/positivity
  3. Faith
  4. Nutrition
  5. Self care/self love
  6. Exercise/being active
  7. Laughter/happiness
  8. Environment
  9. Gratitude
  10. Destress
  11. Community
  12. Outdoor living
  13. Friendship
  14. Learning/growing
  15. A sense of Fashion
  16. Travel

Please feel free to re-order the list above, according to your priorities, that’s just my intake on what makes me happy and in turn healthy. I’m a learning process, I try to learn something new each day, which motivates me, keeps me busy and informative.

Work on your House, never mind the name, just make sure its a happy home with as many positive attributes as you can. Wishing you all a great, happy, healthy New Year.



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