Melania Trump Fashion Faux Pas!

Quite rarely does Melania Trump fails at her fashion choices, fact is so far I’ve been an admirer of her outfits, I think they specifically suit her post as a first lady, after all if you copy Jackie Onassis, how can you go wrong. Yesterday sadly though, she wore that pink thing at her UN speech. Not sure who was her stylist but whoever it is, gets a big fat 0 from mahashouse.

Here’s a perfect example of why we shouldn’t always follow trends, the dress Melania chose to wear here is by Deplozo, possibly fitting for a young, trendy model, but definitely not for a 47 year old lady, making a UN speech.

Believe me we like to stay positive here and only post nice fashion blogs, but sometimes you have to warn readers of exactly what not to wear, especially if you are the USA first lady that’s being watched by the world.

Melania I guess everyone is entitled to a fashion faux pas, so remember now you’ve had yours, we’re watching you….Lol x



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