7 Top CrossBody Bags For This Season.

I have a confession to make…..I was one of those ladies, who would criticise women wearing a crossbody bags, well guess what…Years later, and I’m a convert myself, not only they are convenient and light to carry on the shoulders, but as If you’re like moi who travels a lot, its very assuring to have your passport right on your hip, where you have no chance of losing it, or fiddle around the airport searching for it amongst your luggage.

The trick though is to find the right stylish crossbody, that you can wear elegantly and not fall into the trap of a cheap ugly one that ages you.

Here’s my top choice for this season, I’ve already acquired the Victoria Beckham one and will be slowly working my way through the list,,,lol…..I say ‘Bags are a girls best firmed’ not diamonds… 🙂

You can click here to find all these bags and more at Matchesfashion.com or Netaporter.com

  1. At number one, the ultimate in style, the classic Celine crossbody, this has been one of their staples for years and never goes out of fashion, so a great investment, with 3 compartments, there’s ample space for your phone, wallet and passport.

    2. At Number 2, the beautiful Yve Saint Laurent, ‘YSL’ its so hot this seasons as is velvet too.



3. In third place, The Row has more than one stylish and timeless crossbody, this is one of them, Love the suede.

4. In fourth place, Marc Jacobs. Just enough space for a mini card wallet, passport and Phone, just the job for travelling around.


5. My fifth choice, is my own purchase this season, its Victoria Beckham, she’s the only one who’s reviving the half moon shape, I love wearing it with my jeans.


6. How can you go wrong with a Chloe bag, need I say more!!


7. My final and best Choice, its a bit steep price-wise but soooo worth it, The Row Hunting9, you can get it in suede or smooth patent leather.


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