7 Health Reasons Why We Chose To Live In Egypt!

Egypt is where my husband and I met, fell in love & got married, it’s where our son was concieved & born. Thats NOT, the only reason why chose this versatile country to live in, and are madly in Love with it.

We’ve been blessed to have traveled most of the globe, being a dual national citizen, I have a choice to live or retire anywhere we want, from Italy ‘ok we love pasta but sadly don’t speak the language’ to France ‘lowest Cardiovascular disease but highest in Cancer’ the States, “Trump??” & GMOs ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ I think not, and of course the UK! “Who kidnapped the SUN?”…The UK has offered us so much, job opportunities, work ethic, learning, its where I studied Naturopathy, and where our children are educated, but live and retire there?! thanks but No thanks…..so without further adieu, here’s the 7 reasons why we ultimately chose Egypt.


  1. The Sun. mahashosue followers will know that bone health is my main specialty, and yes you guessed it, without the natural form of Vitamin D, ‘SUN’ its very difficult to have healthy bones, not only bones, hormones too, healthy brain function,..we won’t go into great details here. You can check out my Vitamin D blog here   & my article on Vitamin D for Oasis Magazine .                                                          Egypt being on a 26.8° N, 30.8° E Longitude and Altitude, makes its location perfect for sun rays. In short its really where you want to be all year round for healthy bones.
  2. Best Beaches. I’m a huge beach fan, why you ask?! I know the importance of Magnesium and Iodine to thyroid, bones & overall health, being close to the sea provides you with Iodine, studies have shown that individuals who live in the UK midlands have less Iodine levels than people who live closer to the coast line, Swimming or strolling by the sea with your feet soaked in the water, would provide you with as much as half your daily allowance of Magnesium, let alone the feel good factor you get from looking at the sea blue colour. You can bask in the Mediterranean sun during the summer and the Red sea sun in Winter.
  3. Delicious Crops. Once called ‘the bread basket of the world’, Egypt’s soil is still one of the richest soils in the world, thanks to the Nile and the ‘SUN‘, again after travelling the world, I still cannot taste better fruits and vegetables than here, also meat, thanks to the cattle eating clover most of the year and being exposed to the SUN, you can guarantee great tasting nutritious ghee, butter & fresh meat, Egypt’s soil is still very fertile & full of nutrients, specially if you opt for organic food, most crops here are seasonal and they don’t have to travel thousands of miles, ‘as the case in so many countries’ to get to your plate, so you are getting the good quality nutrient from them. Don’t even get me started on the delicious fresh fish you get along the coast. I could go on forever about how good the food is here.
  4. Friendly people. I think it was 3 years living in London before my next door neighbour decided to say hello or even nod at me despite my best efforts to be friendly, people in the west have such busy lives, they rarely have time for one another, in Egypt, folks are friendly, helpful and incredibly kind. When the ‘Blue Zones’ where studied for longevity, researches have realised one of the things all these centenarians had in common, is an active social life, Egypt’s social life is great & so much fun, again maybe its the ‘SUN‘ factor??
  5. Prices. Despite high levels of inflation, Egypt is still considered one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in, we still haven’t caught up with world’s soaring prices, I mean, where in the world can you ride a bus or a metro for under $15 cents?? gas prices are still under $30 cents a litre, food & basic commodities are still relatively cheap in comparison.
  6. Democracy. YES you read that right, Egypt is definitely moving in the right direction towards, democracy, equality and free National Health Care, don’t believe haters of the country who are negative and have nothing nice to say about it, take it from me, who’s lived abroad and here before and after the revolution, as long as you are a law abiding citizen, you will always be treated with respect and dignity.
  7. Family Last but not least, family life here is very different, in a good sense, there’s still great respect for the elderly, children care for their parents in their old age, we don’t have the culture of old people’s homes, even if you don’t have children, you can guarantee a nephew/niece or even a cousin will look after you in your old age. Another sad thing of the west that’s heart breaking, how most old people retire and die alone. In Egypt, you’re constantly surrounded by lovely people…. I could really go on and on, but then it would make of a very long Blog, there you have it…why I chose to come back to live in this Civilised country I call home. EGYPT. 🙂

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