Mackerel,Samphire & Salad

I’m usually joyful whenever I’m at my fish monger, and more so when I find some freshly line caught Mackerel. Why? I like to top up my Omega 3 levels naturally, and mackerel is one of those oily fish loaded with Omega 3, most of us are low on our Omega 3, which is anti inflammatory, naturopaths believe that the ratio between Omega 6 and 3 should be 2:1, personally I’m aiming for 1:1 , sadly most of us has a ratio of 25:1 and in some extreme cases its 40:1 and higher, Omega 6 vegetable oils are pro inflammatory, and we consume a lot of them, specially when we eat processed foods or eat out.

Although walnuts and olive oil, contain Omega 3, they also contain Omega 6 too, so ideally we need to top up on our Omega 3 to balance the ratio, either by supplementing through good quality fish oil supplements, or through my preferred way which is ‘natural foods’, in this case oily fish, such as wild caught or organic Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel and Herrings, if you can source some algae, seaweed or samphire, then even better.

In tonight’s recipe, I simply bake the Mackerel in a low heat oven for no more than 15 minutes, after I squeeze some lemon on it, once done I drizzle some cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, black pepper & cumin. et Voila

I’m serving it with a cucumber, yellow peppers, Grapefruit, pomegranate, & Avocado salad, along with steamed samphire, the dressing for the salad is my tahini paste, you’ll find the Tahini recipe in my blog.




6 responses to “Mackerel,Samphire & Salad”

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  2. journeythroughawomansheart Avatar

    Yummy, Here in india we prepare a spicy coconut based curry with the Mackerals. We have it with steamed rice.

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    1. Love India, I will be posting some curry recipes soon xx

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      1. journeythroughawomansheart Avatar

        wow waiting

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  3. I ate so much Mackeral as a young child I think it simply made me choose to eat less of them now. I should reintroduce them.

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  4. I agree, you should totally reintroduce them, so good for you xx


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