Happy Holidays & Why You Need To Redecorate Your Kitchen!

Wishing everyone season’s greetings, whatever your faith is, have a great, relaxing break, eat well and enjoy the festivity. I also wanted to share with you this tip for a healthy life.

‘Redecorate your Kitchen!’ 

My family and I have been blessed to have lived in more than one country & moved from one kitchen to another, ensuring every time that the kitchen we move to is the nicest room in our home! Why? It’s because I cook, why? It’s because cooking is the first step you take to a healthy lifestyle. No short cuts here, investing in your health, means you have to cook, and not rely on fast ready made meals, investing in a good kitchen, will invite you to cook and spend time in it. Don’t get me wrong, just like the next man, I do like to eat out and occasionally take a break, but the majority of our diet comes from my cooking.

Even if you know nothing about Nutrition, your instinct will kick in when you cook, you will be aware of what goes into your recipes, and what utensils you are using, are they scruffy, scratched Teflon saucepans that will leach toxins in your food, or are they clean stainless steal/iron cast heavy saucepans, that are safe to use?…This will all get you thinking of what you’re adding to your foods, that will ultimately determine your health.

Even top Medical Allopathic Drs are now realising that cooking is the way forward, for optimal health and disease prevention. Most functional Drs now have a recipe blog.

A wise man once said, ‘You dig your grave with your knife and fork”

Get cooking people, its therapeutic and good for your health.


After cooking, get your partner to do the dishes. I do 🙂 X



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