Why Do We Feel Good When We Go On Holiday?!

The Real Reason Why We Feel Good On Holidays, Is The De-stresser Effect.

Stress makes you release cortisol, causing the following effects.

  • Causes disease
  • Run down your immune system in favour of the fight or flight mechanism
  • It causes high acidity in your skin and stomach
  • Cortisol kills neurons in a near by part of the brain, the hippocampus causing anxiety, irritability & depression
  • Accelerate the body’s ageing

You might be thinking well….we can’t be on holiday all year long, so whats the answer to cutting down cortisol release, hence feeling better, younger and healthier!! Here are a few thoughts.

  • MEDITATION, when you meditate you literally flood the feel good hormones seratonin and dopamine, it gets rid of adrenaline, reversing your ageing process for up to 10 years. It literally impacts your DNA, and gives you that glow we all see on holidays.
  • EAT REAL FOOD. colour is your key, eat your greens, yellows, oranges, reds and whites, include good fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados, and Omega 3 fats.
  • CUT DOWN SUGAR & ALCOHOL. All the recent scientific literature is now proving that Sugar and alcohol will accelerate your ageing process by over 10 years, and will ultimately lead to depression. Do it gradually, as sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and the less you eat it, the more you will taste it when you do, making you not wanting it anymore. Remember its empty calories.
  • EXERCISE regularly but change the routine “I’m personally struggling with that one, but keep trying” It literally increases new brain cells.
  • CUT DOWN  YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA USE. I’m not asking you to quit it, just balance.
  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Sleep deprivation not only ages you, causing you to over do the coffee and sugar, it will also make you irritable, aggressive, will impact your whole behaviour, nature intended for you to sleep in the dark and be awake during day light, so do not reverse your sleep time. Lack of sleep will disrupt your hormones and endocrine system. People who work night shifts can be more at risk of different diseases.

Finally deep breath, to destress, do the things that you love doing the most, whether its yoga, praying, exercise…..and so on. X


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