Watercress, Figs & Goats Cheese Salad.

Those of you who follow MahasHouse, are aware that we’re generally not too keen on cheese, since we promote bone health, cheese can have quite an acidic effect on your body, taxing your bones.

Having said that, some cheese can have moderate benefits when it comes to vitamin K2, like Gouda cheese and as in this recipe; Goat’s cheese can be less acidic than your regular cow’s milk cheese. In any case, this recipe has high Alkaline ingredients, which helps balance the acidity of the cheese. It is loaded with Calcium, magnesium, & Iron.


  1. A few sweet ripe figs cut into quarters.
  2. A handful of watercress.
  3. 100g soft Goat’s cheese, I always opt for non pasteurised cheese.
  4. 30g pine nuts or unsalted pistachio nuts.

For the dressing:

1 squeezed lemon or lime, 1 tbs non pasteurised apple cider vinegar, 3 tbs extra virgin cold pressed fresh olive oil.

Lay the watercress as a base, crumble the soft cheese on top & add the rest of the  ingredients, serve alone or with a nice fish dish.

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