Florence Wedding Best Dressed!

I’ve recently attended a beautiful marriage ceremony in Florence/Italy. The wedding was a blast, we had so much fun, from the fresh Tuscan foods, to the beautiful flower decorations, the extravaganza lasted 3 days of celebrations, but moving on to the most important part…FASHION.

Along side the Gorgeous bride, I could have sincerely picked up so many young ladies as a best dressed, but unfortunately only one princess can be crowned.


The Bride Farida El Sabh wore the most beautiful Couture embroidered lace gown, and for me that was the wedding dress of this season.

I have 2 nights to rate, the night before the wedding and the Wedding day.

Drum drum…  For the pre-wedding night, the winner was, a young lady by the name of Hafiza Younes.

She wore a beautiful Fendi Apron style dress from their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, and if I may add, she wore it far better than the original model.

The wedding Night bar the bride, THE BEST DRESSED for me was the Bride’s sister in law Hana Hammouda, who carried off an amazing Tule couture dress, she accessorised it with long pearl earrings which complimented it to the T. Bravo Hana, great figure and perfect style. IMG_0719

Yours truly wore a 2016 Spring/Summer Emilio Pucci dress, as worn by Emily Blunt at George Clooney’s wedding.


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