Mothers! By Dr Mohamed Kassem

3 months ago, my friend’s mother passed away. I was off on travels and I couldn’t go see her, when I got back, she disappeared, she wasn’t picking up her phone, nor answering texts, no longer on facebook. A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into her in the streets. There are no words in the english dictionary that describe the physical change a person goes through when they experience the loss of their mother. She didn’t look like she was depressed, she looked like something inside of her was broken. The circumference of her eyes became smaller, there were new wrinkles around her orbit, her pupil got somewhat darker, and her dimples were no longer there. She said she hadn’t smiled since the day her mother left. When you are incapable of smiling for 3 months, your lips take a different curve around your mouth, I know that because the symmetry of her lips had changed from the last time I had seen her.
The presence of a mother in your life does not only shape you spiritually and morally, but also physically. Her love is the sparkle in your eyes, her care teaches you how to extend the capacity of your heart to the different people you meet, her kindness reflects in the symmetry of your lips, how often you smile to the those you love. Today, must be a painful day for those whom have lost their mothers, I can’t imagine how much anger and grief they must be feeling right now. However, I hope each and every one takes up this day as an opportunity to live by the notions their mothers had/have taught them. Whether your mother is beside you right now, continents away, or somewhere on the other side, I hope the one way you celebrate mothers day is by continuing their legacy of kindness, care and unconditional love.

Dr Mohamed Kassem




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