Sulfur Rich Onion Soup.

Bone Broth is being hailed as a great gut healer and immune booster now a days, I must assert though, the quality of the animal’s bones are crucial to ensuring it is of medicinal use. Using grass fed organic bones is a must.

How does it help? A wide variety of ways, which you can read more about here, but let’s do a quick recap.

Bone broth contains collagen. You’ll find it in all connective tissues (bones, ligaments, tendons etc.. full of amino acids such as proline, arginine, glutamine, & glycine. Which all helps restore the integrity of your intestinal wall sealing your gut-lining
and enhancing your immune system & in turn stimulating the production of stomach acid,

In this recipe I incorporate lots and lots of onions, inspired by the classic French onion soup, to add extra sulfur, boosting your immune system even more, if you know that you are sulfur intolerant, then this soup is not for you, otherwise enjoy and have a happy healthy day.


  • Slow cooked bone broth, around 1.5 litres, I add bones, a carrot, an onion, celery, turmeric, cardamom, cloves & a spoon of apple cider vinegar, and cook it over night in a slow cooker.
  • 5 medium size sliced onions. ‘I know I can feel your tears already’ 🙂
  • 2 tbs apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother, non steralised’
  • A small knob of butter or ghee.
  • A handful of fresh Thyme. ‘you can use dry of course too’
  • A pinch of sea or Himalayan salt.
  • Black peppers to garnish after cooked.
  • Optional Compte or gruyere Cheese to garnish.

Saute the onions in the butter till caramel looking, add the salt and thyme, then deglaze the pan with the cider vinegar, add the bone broth, enough to cover the cooking pot, This recipe is for around 3 people. Simmer for about half an hour on low heat, once cooked garnish with black peppers and optional cheese if you’re not dairy intolerant. XX



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