Benefits Of Ghee & How To Make It At Home Video.

Click here How to Make Ghee. Video

Ghee is clarified butter, that is traditionally made from buffalo or cow’s milk, the process of making ghee removes the water and milk solids, so it can be heated to a high temperature before it starts to smoke.

Ghee is nutritious without any lactose or casein, rich in short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids and butyrate. People who are lactose intolerance, can use ghee because the process of producing it has removed these allergens. If you’ve been told to stay away from dairy and butter, experiment with ghee made from grass-fed cows!

Butter contains 12-15 percent medium and short-chain fatty acids, while ghee contains 25 percent or greater. The body actually metabolizes these fats in a different manner than long-chain fatty acids. The result? Medium and short chains are not associated with cardiovascular disease.
Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D and E. It also contains vitamin K2 for strong bones.
Ghee contains Butyrate, an Essential short-Chain Fatty Acid. It supports digestion and improves inflammation.

Ghee tastes great.





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