McQueen Autumn Winter 2017 Show!

Yes, right here watch the amazing Autumn/Winter preview collection,

The collection is inspired by pagan landscapes, creative communities and ancient traditions of Cornwall particularly the “Cloutie” Trees. These spiritual trees are places of pilgrimage, their branches and twigs adorned with colourful ribbons and personal treasures representing the hopes and dreams of those who tied them.

A final sequence of silk tulle evening dresses crafted in four different embroideries includes a bullion lattice pattern with satin-stitched medieval flora and fauna motifs within and a dove lace encrusted with scattered tiny beads and sequins. This is followed by an embroidery inspired by old alchemy illustrations, druid symbols and Cornish wildlife rendered in black and silver beads and glass stones, and finally, a ‘Tree-of-Life’ embellished with glass beads, micro bugle beads and stones. They are all finished with fringes and loose threads with feathers or a metal charm at the end, evoking the magic and mysticism of the treasures of a pagan Wishing Tree.

Hats off to Sarah Burton…Lee would be proud.


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