Pickled Ginger For Better Digestion & Rosacea.

Digestion issues can be down to a number of reasons, I’m going to try and help with the most common cause, but by no means do not take this blog as the ultimate answer, you still need to consult with your health care Physician.

This recipe should help if you have low Hydrochloric acid, as we age, HCl naturally decrease in our stomachs, other factors that contributes to the decrease of HCl is eating lots of fried-acidic foods, allergenic foods and Alcohol.

The Japanese knew what they were doing when they traditionally served Sushi with pickled ginger, as the acidity of the ginger can kill off any bacteria associated with the raw fish.

Rosacea sufferers too can benefit from this recipe.


  1. A medium sized ginger root grated.
  2. The Juice of 1 lemon
  3. Half a tsp Himalayan salt.

Assemble all ingredients in a jar, let sit over night to pickle, then chew on a table spoon of the pickled mixture, before a meal, spitting the excess ginger once chewed, do this twice a day for up to 2 weeks, until you feel heat in your stomach, this is when you know you’ve built enough Hydrochloric acid, great for better digestion and ease of belching/bloating.


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