Asparagus Scrambled Eggs Brunch.

This bone loving recipe is one of my favourite, as its simple and quick to make, also packed with Nutrients, and mostly alkalinising. Eggs are a great source of proteins/Omega 3 & Vit. D for Vegetarians and Omnivorous, specially if they’re organic & free range, it is an acidic food though, so whenever I cook/eat it, I’m conscious of that, always eat it with an alkaline food, as in this recipe today. I’m adding the asparagus not only for its alkalinising role, asparagus is a prebiotic, encouraging a healthy microbiome, we’re lucky that the English asparagus is the best in the world. I can also hide in some Turmeric for anyone who doesn’t like it, trust me they won’t even feel the taste, Turmeric & black peppers go together, studies show that raw black peppers enhances the absorption/availability of Turmeric. Enjoy this bone loving, healthy, easy to make brunch, you can even pack it the night before, to take to work.


  1. 2 free range organic eggs.
  2. A bunch of cut asparagus.
  3. A very small knob of butter.
  4. Optional 1 tbs Zaatar + some black sesame seeds.
  5. Pinch of turmeric & black peppers.
  6. A small bunch of cilantro.
  7. Sea/Himalayan salt to taste, today I’m using truffle salt ‘yum’
  8. Serve with half an avocado & a squeeze of lemon.

In a saucepan sauté the asparagus in butter for a few minutes, then add the eggs, turmeric, salt and scramble, once cooked add the rest of the ingredients including the black peppers, enjoy.


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