Don’t Make Your Skin Your Third Kidney!

The Kidneys in Naturopathy and Chinese medicine, is recognised as being the energy organ of vitality, sexuality and fertility. Hydrating is key to your kidneys, so drinking Clean filtered water is essential.

Identifying a toxic Kidney is one of the sings I look for in my client’s skin, so what are some of the causes of Kidney problems?

Diuretic drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks or sodas, chocolate, sugary drinks, tap water too has extra levels of chlorine so could be considered a toxin.

Bowel cleansing is important for removing toxins which may not have been properly eliminated through a daily bowel movement. Apart from via your kidneys, the bowel is the last exit point for toxins in the body. This is why you have to begin with a bowel cleanse. If you clear toxins from the liver and the lymphatic system but the bowel itself is not clear and eliminating properly, the bowel may become over-loaded with even more toxins. Therefore the benefits of subsequent kidney or liver cleanses or other cleanses are enhanced by beginning with the bowel first.

  • A link between the kidneys and adrenals. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys and adrenals are closely linked, and adrenal fatigue is seen as a deficiency in the kidneys. For this reason, herbs and other measures to support the kidneys may also be helpful for the adrenals.

  • Every cell in our body detoxifies continually; and the liver and kidneys are constantly working to cleanse the blood of toxins and wastes.Thats why we need to help it along with specific detoxification or cleansing programmes.
  • For this reason it can be beneficial for all of us to partake in a regular detoxification or cleansing programme. This involves avoiding certain foods and all sources of chemicals and toxins where possible; and increasing our intake of filtered water, fibre, antioxidants, nutrients and herbs such as milk thistle to support the liver and kidneys and cleanse the blood and lymph.
  • Imagine treating your body like a freshly made bed. Each day you shake the bedding out to make it tidy again. Oxygen gets round, the blood flows better, your brain will function better, secretions and odours do not build up, your liver and kidneys empty themselves, your bowel gets rid of all of the waste, your skin looks bright, your hair shiny and strong.
  • Dandelion (leaf) – supports the transport of toxins via the blood and then exiting through the kidneys.

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