Oscars 2017 Top Gowns.

I’m no fashion police, but rather I’m in awe of beautiful gowns, pieces of Arts for me, so would try to never criticise a dress, as to the woman who chose it, maybe her dream dress, so what heart ache it may cause  if someone critiqued it. I know I’d hate it if someone gossiped about what I wear, instead we should celebrate our differences in style, tastes, as thats what makes us individuals and stand out.

So on a positive note, here’s my top 3 dress from last night, literally the 3 of them took my breath away, so in order.

  1. Jessica Beil’s Kaufman Franco, real goddess, only she with this flawless figure can pul this look, gold & silver tones intwined…AMAZIINNNGG.


2. Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton, this is the second year Louis Vuitton dresses her, and she simply dazzled when she presented the supporting actor award, so feminine, the french lace is heavenly. She could have paused as a princess.


3. Dakota Johnson in Gucci, this pale yellow art deco era style, got me jaundice with envy.



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