Exercise & Hormonal Balance!

Whenever I hear the word Gym, I literally cringe, I have bad memories with my local gym forcing me to commit to a yearly membership, even though I hated it, I somehow feel claustrophobic whenever I’m in a Gym, don’t ask why!! its literally my only Phobia, outdoor exercise is my preferred place, if you can find a green park, not only you get energised from the clean oxygen you breath, but as my other half would say ‘green is the happy colour’ so don’t get me wrong, although I’m not a gym fan, I’m a huge supporter of being active in general, if you have a desk job like most people, then make sure you get off your desk at least once every half an hour and stretch, even walk the corridor.

If blood circulation is poor, hormones may fail to get to where they’re supposed to be going, we often forget that low or high levels of hormones is a symptom, not the cause, even though Hormones are made from fats & proteins, we need adequate supply of quality raw materials to produce quality hormones, exercise is one of those materials we need for balanced hormones, if you’re like me and used to finding every excuse not to exercise then please don’t be, I’ve learned my lesson, although I’ve always been active, going to work, cooking, shopping, I realised I still needed to do some form of mild Cardio to pump my heart, & balance my hormones, so even if you take the stairs rather than the lift, then this could be your cardio for the day, speak to a sports expert, which I’m not, but one thing I can assure you, happy hormones, need exercise….

Always remember & I often reiterate, An ‘essential fatty acid’ Omega 3 oil supplement is a good starting point for any hormonal imbalance.

Wishing you all happiness and health xx



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