7 Steps To Conquer Sugar Cravings!

I try to make my posts, short & sweet, in this case will make it short but not so sweet 🙂

I will try to help you quit sugar for good, & curb your cravings.

  1. Firstly, clean your cupboards of any sugars, sweets, biscuits, cakes & so on, if its not at home, you won’t eat it, & you may think twice before you go out to buy it. Remember, your healthy habits starts in the grocery store.
  2. Believe you can do it, attitude, focus, and motivation, remember your health is your wealth, & sugar is your biggest enemy.
  3. Choose the right people, friends who will help you throughout the journey, not the negative ones, who will take you down with them, if you know a friend who’s a sugar addict, avoid her for now till you’re over your sugar addiction then try to help her get over it, like you have/will.
  4. Cinnamon, Cinnamon & more Cinnamon, I add it to all my foods, meat, chicken, raw honey, coffee, and even whole wheat carbs. Opt for Cylon cinnamon, as cinnamon bark can be toxic in high levels, and don’t have the same benefits, cinnamon helps balance your insulin levels.
  5. Increase your good fats, such as avocados, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, seeds like flaxseeds, sunfloweseeds,cold pressed coconut oil, they will help curb your sugar cravings & it is scientifically proven that fats don’t raise your insulin levels. Make sure its the right kind of fat.
  6. Always carry healthy snacks in your bag, apples, carrots, I always have one madjul date, and a handful of raw activated nuts. Dates are my natural alternative to sugar if I’m craving it badly on a stressful day.
  7. Eat little and often, to keep your blood sugar balanced, & avoid the dips, (low blood sugar, hypoglycaemia) make sure, you don’t stay hungry for long, as this will send you off to the nearest chocolate bar, instead opt for healthy snacks every 2.5 hours. having said that, fasting for 12 hours at night has great benefits, so time when you wake up, and stop eating 12 hours before, if you get up at 8am, then stop eating at 8pm.

My Clients often say to me that they will never be able to give up sugar. However, you’d be surprised how quickly your taste buds change and how you come to appreciate the sweetness of other foods such as roasted sweet potatoes and carrots.

In the next few days, I will be posting some sugar alternative desserts, so stay tuned. xx


6 responses to “7 Steps To Conquer Sugar Cravings!”

  1. Great advice and I look forwarding to reading more like this.

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  2. journeythroughawomansheart Avatar

    This has been a battle I don’t seem to win. I don’t have a sweet tooth and neither do I crave for sugar, but ………. I like my tea/coffee sweet. I subsitituted refined sugar for raw sugar, but in a 225ml cup I need 5-6 teaspoons sugar, otherwise I don’t feel like drinking it.


    1. Try to substitute your sugar in tea by one Madjul date, its very sweet but also loaded with fibre and potassium which won’t spike your insulin levels, also cut down the tea all together, I know its not easy but not impossible either, best of luck, you’re strong, you can do it xx

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      1. journeythroughawomansheart Avatar

        aha good idea, infact I have cut down on my tea intake from 4-5 cups to just 1, I’m planning of cutting it down altogether but easier said than done. 🙂

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  3. […] STOP eating sugar, I know I’m always going on about sugar, but thats I know too well, the harmful effects of the 0 nutrient food we call sugar and I’ve seen first hands how lives have been transformed just simply but giving up sugar, if you’re serious about getting healthy physically and mentally during Ramadan, then pull all your inner strength together and try to quit sugar, use natural sweetness such as dates ‘only 1 or 2’ a little Manuka or raw honey as alternatives, Pineapple too can be a good sugar alternative with its high bromelain content, its also a great natural anti inflammatory.  Don’t be shy to say no to the offering of Konafa, or any of the Ramadan desserts. Simply don’t buy them this year, which brings me to number 5 that will help you to quit sugar. Here’s my article on how to quit sugar. […]


  4. […] may also need to click this link which will take you to my blog, for easy steps to help you quit […]


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