Can Having a Stress Free Life, Make you Sick?

In some cases, yes it could, if you are leading a completely stress free life, then you’re not alive, breathing yes!!! but not actively contributing to life.

Some people deliberately, choose not to engage in anything that will cause them any form of stress,, in some cases even opting not to work/study if someone else can pay their bills, so that they don’t have any stresses in life.

Studies show that those individuals actually, wilt and don’t live a long healthy life, they lack motivation and eventually lose the will to live, their cortisol levels are so low, that the slightest mishap, will make them spiral into a major panic attack. Its wonderful to reduce your stress in life, reassess your work load and redistribute it, so it doesn’t overwhelm you, but as the old saying goes, ‘No pain No gain’

People who choose to be too placid, un-engaging, actually become very envious people, their too laid back life, causes them not to achieve, making them jealous and envious of others who work hard, strive & achieve,,,there has to be a balance, finding that balance is critical and requires studying one’s life, and reassessing, but by all means we shouldn’t be sat back too comfortably in the back seat, otherwise humanity would never move forward, develop or improve.

My two cents on this is, that if you eat healthy, you will have a healthier mental attitude, which will enable you to clear your mind, thoughts, allowing you to have a balanced life, not too stressful but not too laid back either. New studies are showing the relation between the hippocampus and one’s microbiome.

Wishing you happiness and health xx


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