This Simple Snack Will Help Balance Your Hormones.

It looks like simplicity on a plate, but Humous ‘chickpeas’ which is the dip in this easy to prepare snack, contains Phytoestrogens, renowned for balancing your hormones, so whenever you get an afternoon dip/slump, make sure you have some crudities and a humus dip handy, not only it will satisfy your craving, but will also help with your mood, as it will balance your hormones, for the crudities,my favourite choices are:

  1. Red peppers (packed with vitamin C)
  2. Cucumber (loaded with minerals, plenty of water to hydrate you on a cellular level, diuretic)
  3. Carrots (loaded with Vitamin A, great for your eye sight)
  4. Celery (contains Phytoestrogens for that hormonal balance, hydration, diuretic)

2 responses to “This Simple Snack Will Help Balance Your Hormones.”

  1. Delicious and healthy, thank you

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  2. iksperimentalist Avatar

    Did You Make the humus?


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