Kundalini Yoga by Dr Heba Shahein (Noor)

I’m thrilled today as Dr Heba Shahein (Noor) is guest blogging on MahasHouse

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email: re-birthing@hotmail.com

Tel: +44 7917570179

Practicing yoga in general helps us awaken our consciousness and fight any weaknesses or diseases. The practice of kundalini yoga more than anything connects us to our unlimited potentials and powers. Kundalini Yoga is an experience of uniting the finite self with the Infinite. Once you gain this experience, you no longer have the need to look for your security outside of yourself.

It awakens our ability to become intuitive and sensitive. Some of the benefits of kundalini yoga : strength your nervous system, balance your hormones, build your will power, awaken our ability to become more intuitive and sensitive, make you focus and more importantly expand your heart.

Kundalini Yoga practice fortifies and expands your electromagnetic field, or aura. It is the energy field that surrounds you, and that alerts you to positive and negative influences in your surrounding. A golden aura can protect you from negativity and keep you centered in the light of your true identity.

For me Kundalini yoga is a place of transformation. You truly discover new you. This why I call my Community “Re-birthing kundalini yoga and healing”. The kriyas and meditations are geared to move your energy and heal you. I have witness many successful stories with clients who was able to beat depression, low self esteem, smoking, abusive relationship and expand in their career.

Dr Heba Shahein (Noor)

Happiness is your birthright Yogi Bhajan


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  1. Ghada el Boghdady Avatar
    Ghada el Boghdady

    Bravo 👏 Heba keep it up


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