How the globe can mould your heart

By guest blogger & Medical student, I’m proud to call my friend. The Future Dr Mohamed Kassem.

I’ve come to notice that different places distinctively teach you different ways to love. Most people in their hometowns, in the small societies where they’re brought up and where they watch their childhood friends tie their knots, usually route themselves into loving out of loneliness, out of fear, out of conversations; about stability, comfortable homes and decent family lineages. In places of the world where it is uncommon to feel lonely, where your 35 year old colleague is not talking about her kids at school, or her wedding but rather about her spontaneous 2 months trip around Asia, where most people go to parks, to run, jog, ride their bikes, walk their dog, read or throw a picnic with their friends, where it feels like there is so much harmony in being alone, in these places, love never stems out of loneliness, out of the feeling that you might never end up with someone, love stems out of talking about the movies you like, the books you like and that with them the once stuttered words flow easily between the gaps of your teeth. In places where it doesn’t matter what it looks like to everyone else, you start to learn that there is no such thing as a deadline for love.


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