Can’t Get a Good Night Sleep?

If you suffer from Insomnia/Sleep apnea, then follow these simple steps to a good night sleep.

Since I studied Naturopathy. I discovered the effect of diet on sleep, and sleep hygiene, which involves stopping the use of electronics a couple of hours before bed, making sure the room you sleep in is warm but not hot, and keeping your bedroom well ventilated. Keeping lights as low as possible and making sure the room is as quiet and dark as you can make it, helps. Use aromatherapy oils such as lavender and chamomile in the room and in warm baths. I add epsom salt to my bath. This relaxes my muscles and aids a good night sleep.
Blood Sugar

Then there is food. Sugar rushes and carb cravings send your blood sugar up and down. This roller coaster of blood sugar all day does not help relaxation even though it might feel like a quick fix at the time to raise energy. Understanding this is the key to curing insomnia. A stable blood sugar through the day can certainly help. Swapping out processed carbs like white bread and pasta to whole grain can help.

Never forget, you are and will be what you eat.xx

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