Milk or No Milk, that is the question..

Milk is such a hot topic…is it good for you, is it not?
I personally don’t have it myself,  I’ve discovered through my allergy that it doesn’t suit my body.
It doesn’t digest well.
Milk has traditionally been in our diet for thousands of years. Mostly the fermented form though, as in the case of Kefir or butter milk.
However the Milk produced these days isn’t always as clean as it used to be.
Often Milk can contain huge amounts of hormones and
chemicals that have been pumped into the cows to produce lots of it.
This obviously goes straight into us, when we consume it.

When it comes to hydration,dairy is challenging because of the mucosal formation when digesting in the gut, making acute dehydration likely.

The best thing to do is to choose organic full fat Milk, if you choose to drink it.
If you feel like it doesn’t work for you, the best thing is to take it out for
2 weeks and then bring it back in, and see the affect.
If you feel fine when you have it, thats ok, your body is fine with it.
If your body reacts in some way…bloating, bad skin, a rash, even some form of indigestion…then thats your body saying NO thank you.
We have to listen to our bodies, this is key.
Milk is fine for many people  specially the raw form.
Listen to your body, its a very clever thing.
What’s your thoughts on dairy?

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