Super Antioxidant Dessert

fullsizerenderI’m not one with a sweet tooth, over the past few years I’ve trained my body not to crave sugar, through eating healthy fats and good quality proteins, having said that, I still like to get some good antioxidants in my system, and what’s better than berries, this amazing recipes is 100% approved by moi, and for people with a sweet tooth, its almost guilt free.


  1. Frozen mixed berries, or strawberries ‘don’t even think about it if you’re allergic to strawberries’
  2. 1 heaped tbs of raw honey
  3. 50 g mixed raw nuts ‘avoid peanut’ as they can be allergenic and can go rancid quick.
  4. I use coconut Kefir, but if you can’t get it, you can either use coconut milk or Greek style organic full fat yoghurt. ‘Never opt for low fat anything’ guess what, it only makes you more fat.
  5. optional: 1 sliced kiwi to garnish

Mix all the above in a blender or a bullet, serve, eat and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂


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