I constantly get asked to recommend a sturdy Juicer brand, well if I had to choose one gadget in my kitchen that I can’t do without, it would seriously be my Juicer, what a better way to get an intense shot of nutrients, than with a freshly squeezed cucumber, celery and apple Juice, thats just one of my favourite combos. I lay awake at night dreaming of a ginger/turmeric shot, ‘I know…. how sad am I’…so my verdict after trying a few brands, is that I can honestly say that ‘SAGE’ By Heston Blumenthal is the best, most reliable juicer out there…and I don’t get paid to promote anything by the way.

My favourite nutrient dense juice recipes/combinations are as follow:

  1. Carrot/apple/ginger
  2. Celery/apple/cucumber
  3. Ginger/Turmeric/lemon shot
  4. Lemon/spinach/cucumber
  5. Celery/pear/courgettes
  6. Beetroot/cucumber/kale/lemon

You can add some superfood powders like Spirulina or Chlorella to your juices, and enjoy…


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