Egyptian Wives abroad continued…

July 2004
Moving on
The next few weeks were a continuation of challenges, one after the other, it felt like a very long nightmare,from the challenge of getting a UK driving liscence (didn’t matter if you have been driving for 20 years in Egypt) to completing my residence paperwork, which entailed taking an exam for the first time to get the British passport, I was one of the very first people who had to do the exam…finding my son an Arabic teacher in london,, literally one mission after the other, getting a job proved to be the toughest one with no references in the UK and no English work experience….I look back at these days from my current job and think, there must have been a great power up in heaven looking out for me to put me where i am now…my husband liked to call this power ‘Chris Blakeway’….he is in fact my rock, with God’s help and Chris as my back, I now feel any challenge can be conquered….
The truth of the matter is, life is a hard journey, full of challenges, hurdles, surprises and sad stories, but it’s a journey we must take, we have a few choices, quit and feel like losers, take no risks and have no gains, or work hard at it, take on the challenges and risks, and the gains will be plenty…calculated risks are very much what I like to take on…helping others along the way is a must, being there for others is a plus….I feel so sad for so many acquaintances around who are so negative, and put everything that goes wrong around them to bad luck or evil eyes…we definitely make our own luck by either thinking positive or negative…if you get up in the morning having a positive attitude of things will be done as we want them to, I promise you they will be done, if we think negative and become pessimistic, just because we had a few mishaps then nothing will be accomplished
We really all must stop spreading rumours and negative news, we need to promote positive thinking and publish accomplishments more than sad, wrong stories, that’s the only way we will move forward and our beloved country will take its place in modern history…we have all the potentials of being a great nation, but we also are so negative and a pessimistic bunch….that desperately needs to change
الي الامام الي الامام


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