My favourite Sunday brunch, simple, delicious and nutritious.

16113330_1605932149423597_238903951863523230_oI’m constantly seeking and experimenting recipes to include my favourite anti-inflammatory spice,’Turmeric’ without it being too over bearing, as my family is not always too keen on it, unless I hide it somehow, and what better way to blend it in other than the old favourite ‘eggs‘. enjoy!


  1. Free Range, organic, eggs, ‘if I had to choose between free range or organic, I would always go for free range.
  2. A bunch of kale, you can substitute with any greens really such as spinach or Cilantro
  3. Medium size onion
  4. 1 diced tomato
  5. A pinch of turmeric
  6. A pinch of Zaatar
  7. A small knob of butter
  8. Pinch of salt to taste
  9. Pinch of black pepper

Sautee the vegetables in butter on a medium heat, add the turmeric, Zaatar, and salt, once wilted, add the beaten eggs and cook over medium heat, once the egg base is cooked, transfer to a medium hot oven, or under the grill for a further 5 minutes, till the frittata has risen and golden, just before serving add the black peppers, never cook black peppers, as it can be pro inflammatory, but added raw after cooking, it acts as an anti inflammatory and it enhance the absorption of Turmeric.



6 responses to “Frittata”

  1. Looks delicious!!! Thank you and need more healthy recipes please .

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  2. Looks delicious I will try it but i would like to ask what is a better fat or the healthiest to use is butter or ghee or oil like coconut oil for example


    1. Hi Safaa, thank you for your question, we’re all individuals so our needs vary, personally since I’m a healthy eater and totally avoid sugar in my diet, my choice of fat for cooking in order is Ghee, butter and coconut oil, I too use olive oil but cold added to salads and foods after they’re cooked. Avoid any hydrogenated vegetable oils, Please consult with your health care practitioner re your personal health. XX


      1. Me too I am healthy eater and eat sugar free and I am using coconut and olive oil only this week I started ghee but I am not about butter I don’t know if it is healthy that why I asked


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