Tomatoes and Bone Health

Who knew tomatoes were a great support for bone health!! with its rich supply of antioxidant & lycopene, in a recent study tomatoes were removed from a menopausal group of women’s diet for a few weeks, at the end of the trial, these women started to show increased signs of oxidative stress in their bones & changes in their bone tissues, so make sure to include it in your diet at least once a week, in the Middle East we’re blessed that tomato sauce is the base for most of our dishes. Also recent studies suggest that cooking tomatoes increased their nutritional value with increased lycopene, try to choose an organic form, as pesticides tend to leach on tomatoes. There you have it, your vitamin C, k, A, E, copper, potassium, B6, B3, B1 and more all in a tomato 🙏🏻🍅



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