• Sardines, Tomatoes & Lemon Sauce.

    Sardines, Tomatoes & Lemon Sauce.

    When it comes to Omega 3, bone & thyroid health, Sardines are one of my favourite oily fish, so high in EPA, B12, Selenium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, B3, Iodine, Choline & Copper, Sardines are usually small wild fish that are not farmed, so a good choice as an anti inflammatory food. I try to… Continue reading

  • Are You Zinc Deficient? Find Out.

    Are You Zinc Deficient? Find Out.

    Most of us are Zinc deficient Continue reading

  • 7 Foods That Help Stop Hair Loss.

    7 Foods That Help Stop Hair Loss.

    Are you concerned with hair loss, more so than usual? Is your hair thinning gradually? This is fast becoming a major concern for a lot of people. Although hair loss is impacted by your genes and age, there’s a lot you can do to reverse this. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of sleep play a significant… Continue reading

  • Mackerel,Samphire & Salad

    Mackerel,Samphire & Salad

    I’m usually joyful whenever I’m at my fish monger, and more so when I find some freshly line caught Mackerel. Why? I like to top up my Omega 3 levels naturally, and mackerel is one of those oily fish loaded with Omega 3, most of us are low on our Omega 3, which is anti… Continue reading

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