• Gut Healing Stewed Apples!

    Gut Healing Stewed Apples!

      This recipe is ideal if you’re looking to help promote a healthy gut flora and bowel regularity, plus its a Hormone friendly recipe too.  You can eat this daily for breakfast or at least 4 days/ week. I add some coconut yogurt and a few soaked almonds to it. Ingredients:   6 Bramley cooking apples,(or… Continue reading

  • Tom & Jerry

    Cross feeding bacteria 🦠 Continue reading

  • 6 Foods For Allergies & What To Avoid If You Suffer With Hay Fever

    6 Foods For Allergies & What To Avoid If You Suffer With Hay Fever

    As the weather starts to warm, hay fever which is a seasonal issue, can turn what should be one of the most enjoyable times of the year into an itchy, runny, sneezy mess.  So, what is hay fever! You have probably heard and perhaps even used the expression ‘hay fever’ without really understanding exactly what… Continue reading

  • The Forbidden Fruit ‘Apple’

    The Forbidden Fruit ‘Apple’

    Mahashouse followers will undoubtably know that we’re all about seasonal eating, but this ‘miraculous’ fruit IS THE EXCEPTION, since it grows in different seasons throughout the world, its the one fruit, that can be grown in almost every soil in every region of the world, which is nature’s intent, as the benefits of this fruit… Continue reading

  • Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini

    Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini

      Apples are synonymous with Gut health, they contain both Pectin and Quercetin, the later aiding in the Glucuronidation process in our bodies, don’t worry if you think this process is quite a mouthful, leave the science to me, for now, know that apples are gut healing, potatoes act as resistant starch when cooked and allowed to cool, feeding… Continue reading

  • Apple & Berries Crumble

    Apple & Berries Crumble

    Finally a delicious & healthy dessert, that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but will also be healing to your gut, if you suffer with ‘dysbiosis’ which is a gut bacteria imbalance, and or struggling to quit sugar, then here’s a recipe that will help you with both, You may also need to click… Continue reading

  • 7 Tips For A Healthy Ramadan.

    7 Tips For A Healthy Ramadan.

    Ramadan Mubarak everyone, this is a time of year when we need most of all to reflect, meditate and detox our thoughts/mind above all. Having said that, a lot of recent studies now are showing that a healthy mind starts with a healthy gut microbiome, so lets try together to follow these 7 rules during… Continue reading

  • Bananas & Your Health, Mystery Solved!!

    Bananas & Your Health, Mystery Solved!!

    There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to bananas, is it a healthy food or is it not!!! I often get told by friends and clients alike; that they’ve had a healthy start to the day in the form of a banana smoothie!!! is that wise? well I’m going to attempt to clear… Continue reading

  • My Kitchen Is My Clinic!!

    My Kitchen Is My Clinic!!

    It really is, its the highest budget room in mahashouse. I decorate it the most, as I spend the most time in it, sadly in some cultures, people spend so much money on a living room, or a salon for visitors, and skimp on their kitchens, making them more reluctant to spend time in their kitchens.… Continue reading

  • Hormone Friendly Smoothie!

    Hormone Friendly Smoothie!

    Following on from my hormone friendly recipes, here’s another favourite of mine, so filing, I have it for breakfast, or a midday snack, not only its hormone friendly, but also highly alkalising for your system. The pectin in the apples is so soothing for your gut, the cucumber provides you with all the minerals &… Continue reading

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