My Top 7 Dresses Oscar 2019 !

This year's trend is all about tulle, silk, bright colours and free flow, no one has done it better this Oscar season than my top choice, Valentino, at Number one, 1- Gemma Chan is this eye popping, free fun flowing, fuchsia colour gown, I've never been more out of breath seeing a dress, its a … Continue reading My Top 7 Dresses Oscar 2019 !

Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini

  Apples are synonymous with Gut health, they contain both Pectin and Quercetin, the later aiding in the Glucuronidation process in our bodies, don't worry if you think this process is quite a mouthful, leave the science to me, for now, know that apples are gut healing, potatoes act as resistant starch when cooked and allowed to cool, feeding … Continue reading Gut Friendly Potato & apple Crostini