The Classic Casio G-Shock


This watch started it all for me. I spoke about this watch in my first article.

If you’re feeling nostalgic & missing your teenage outdoors activities this watch might be a perfect choice for you.

A bit of History!
In the early 80’s Kikuo Ibe, the leading watch designer for Casio had a vision for an indestructible watch. The idea came when Kikuo was observing kids playing with a bouncing ball in the park & noticed that the internal working remained unaffected from impact.


This observation gave birth to the features of the G-Shock of a hollow case design & all round protection. The first G-Shock introduced to the market was in 1983.

Now Casio introduced this classic iconic watch with three colors Blue, Black & Army green with a cool bi-color matte finish bands that feature different designs on the interior and exterior surfaces.

Main Features:

– 200M…

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