December 2017

  • Happy Holidays & Why You Need To Redecorate Your Kitchen!

    Happy Holidays & Why You Need To Redecorate Your Kitchen!

    Wishing everyone season’s greetings, whatever your faith is, have a great, relaxing break, eat well and enjoy the festivity. I also wanted to share with you this tip for a healthy life. ‘Redecorate your Kitchen!’  My family and I have been blessed to have lived in more than one country & moved from one kitchen… Continue reading

  • 7 Foods That Help Stop Hair Loss.

    7 Foods That Help Stop Hair Loss.

    Are you concerned with hair loss, more so than usual? Is your hair thinning gradually? This is fast becoming a major concern for a lot of people. Although hair loss is impacted by your genes and age, there’s a lot you can do to reverse this. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of sleep play a significant… Continue reading

  • Bone Loving Vegetable Tagine.

    Bone Loving Vegetable Tagine.

      Once or twice a week, its advisable to cleanse your body through nourishing foods. Eating only plant based foods. Recent researches are showing the power of following a plant based diet, to support bone and overall health, plants are full of not only crucial vitamins for your health but the minerals too your bones… Continue reading

  • Alkaline Green Juice Lunch.

    Alkaline Green Juice Lunch.

    As a Naturopath with a keen interest in bone & hormonal heath, I’m always striving for an Alkaline dominant diet, which in real terms sometimes can be hard to achieve my target of 80%, with that in mind and for a  diverse lunch, every now and then if I’m home for lunch I will juice… Continue reading

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