October 2017

  • Apple & Berries Crumble

    Apple & Berries Crumble

    Finally a delicious & healthy dessert, that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but will also be healing to your gut, if you suffer with ‘dysbiosis’ which is a gut bacteria imbalance, and or struggling to quit sugar, then here’s a recipe that will help you with both, You may also need to click… Continue reading

  • Are You Buying The Right Olive Oil?

    Are You Buying The Right Olive Oil?

    We’ve all heard of the benefits of olive oil, especially when it is extra virgin and cold pressed. However with a world consumption of almost double the oil production!! are you really buying pure olive oil?? The answer to that Questions is a sad NO, or a least for most of us. Most Supermarket shelf… Continue reading

  • Why Do We Feel Good When We Go On Holiday?!

    Why Do We Feel Good When We Go On Holiday?!

    The Real Reason Why We Feel Good On Holidays, Is The De-stresser Effect. Stress makes you release cortisol, causing the following effects. Causes disease Run down your immune system in favour of the fight or flight mechanism It causes high acidity in your skin and stomach Cortisol kills neurons in a near by part of… Continue reading

  • Chicken Broth, Rice Comfort Soup.

    Chicken Broth, Rice Comfort Soup.

    Another Winter soup, that is great for colds, flus and comfort. Chicken soup contains a natural amino acid called cysteine. A form of this amino acid, called N-acetyl cysteine, is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens immunity. It’s a  winter favourite of mine because of it’s natural flu treatment ability. It supports your immune system and help… Continue reading

  • Scrumptious Autumn Vegetable Soup.

    Scrumptious Autumn Vegetable Soup.

        Autumn is upon us, and most of us, ‘moi included’ are starting to feel the winter blues. That alone can be an immune hinder, let alone sugar and alcohol consumption. To help us fight these winter blues, lack of sun ‘Vitamin D’  and boost our immune system, yesterday I cooked this truly scrumptious… Continue reading

  • Mrs Trump redeems her look with a McQueen dress.

    Mrs Trump redeems her look with a McQueen dress.

    Recently I’ve written with horror about the fuchsia Delpozo dress Melania Trump wore for her UN speech, today she rectifies that, and & redeems herself, wearing the closest dress to our heart from the McQueen Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Hosting the PM of Thailand and his first lady.   Those who follows mahashouse fashion blog will… Continue reading

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