August 2017

  • Watercress, Figs & Goats Cheese Salad.

    Watercress, Figs & Goats Cheese Salad.

    Those of you who follow MahasHouse, are aware that we’re generally not too keen on cheese, since we promote bone health, cheese can have quite an acidic effect on your body, taxing your bones. Having said that, some cheese can have moderate benefits when it comes to vitamin K2, like Gouda cheese and as in… Continue reading

  • 7 Top JumpSuit Picks For This Season.

    7 Top JumpSuit Picks For This Season.

    Jumpsuits are very hot this seasons, and have been for the past few years, so rest assured they are not going away anytime soon,.jumpsuits are the perfect choice for evening events or even contemporary brides, they are usually versatile, comfy to wear & can double up from day wear to evening wear. Here’s my top… Continue reading

  • Florence Wedding Best Dressed!

    Florence Wedding Best Dressed!

    I’ve recently attended a beautiful marriage ceremony in Florence/Italy. The wedding was a blast, we had so much fun, from the fresh Tuscan foods, to the beautiful flower decorations, the extravaganza lasted 3 days of celebrations, but moving on to the most important part…FASHION. Along side the Gorgeous bride, I could have sincerely picked up so… Continue reading

  • Why Is Sugar Disrupting Your Hormones!

    Why Is Sugar Disrupting Your Hormones!

    I’m always going on about banning sugar & its products out of your life, I’ve even written a 7 step blog on how to quit sugar, since I know too well how addictive it is, ‘studies done on lab rats have shown how it was easier to wean them off cocaine than off sugar’. So… Continue reading

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