June 2017

  • Eid Mubarak 🍪

    Eid Mubarak 🍪

    This is a short and sweet blog, wishing all my gorgeous followers a happy healthy Eid, and to also say enjoy in moderation but don’t indulge. Eid cookies or ‘Kahk’ is a tradition that we can keep up as long as we stick to 1 or 2 max. There is no nutrition value in it.… Continue reading

  • Detoxifying Through Sweating!

    Detoxifying Through Sweating!

    Saunas As a Naturopath I’m always advocating Saunas to my clients. Sauna which is a part of the naturopathic ancient rituals is on the rise, while traditional saunas burn wood, new technology uses infrared saunas, which works faster than the traditional ones. Infrared saunas heat the body from the inside out by warming your skin tissues,… Continue reading

  • Hot Or Cold Showers? That Is The Question!

    Hot Or Cold Showers? That Is The Question!

    Today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of something we typically do every day: taking a shower. Is a hot shower better for your bones and your health? Or is a cold one going to assist your body in new bone formation? we’ll look at the research examining the effects of both.… Continue reading

  • Sardines, Tomatoes & Lemon Sauce.

    Sardines, Tomatoes & Lemon Sauce.

    When it comes to Omega 3, bone & thyroid health, Sardines are one of my favourite oily fish, so high in EPA, B12, Selenium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, B3, Iodine, Choline & Copper, Sardines are usually small wild fish that are not farmed, so a good choice as an anti inflammatory food. I try to… Continue reading

  • Red Cabbage, Herbs, Cranberries & Hazelnut Salad.

    Red Cabbage, Herbs, Cranberries & Hazelnut Salad.

    Looking for a bone loving, scrumptious salad, then look no further than my Red Cabbage,  Cucumber, green Herbs, cranberries and Hazel nut salad. However if you suffer from Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, then you should be avoiding goiters found in raw cruciferous vegetables such as the red cabbage. Otherwise this is a combination of herbs, and… Continue reading

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