Cook, Move & Smile

One of my son’s friends is training to be a make up artist, lovely young lady that I wanted to encourage, so invited her to do my make up, she worked hard and did a great job, but there’s only so much she can transform…lol 🙂

This is a short blog to share her details and to say, that truly whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking, I’m at my best, knowing exactly what is in my food, and that no preservatives, sugar, MSG, or any nasties have been added, to the single most important drug we consume on a daily basis “FOOD

Now its time to move, so off to my daily walk, and that should put a smile on my face. Over the past 3 years I’ve been forced to sit down a lot, as I was studying/researching, reading, which couldn’t be helped, but now its time to move more, being active is so crucial to your overall health, studies show that even if you go to the Gym everyday for an hour, then come home and sit down, is no good for your health, you need to be more active through out the whole day.

Check Sima’s work at her Facebook page. Simba Peach Makeup

Have a happy, Joyful, healthy day xx


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