February 15, 2017

  • Baked Organic Potatoes, Avocado & Greens.

    Baked Organic Potatoes, Avocado & Greens.

    Tonight’s recipe is a winter warming favourite one, please let me reiterate a few things first, I can’t emphasises Organic enough when it comes to potatoes, specially if you will eat the skin, which is full of Nutrients and fibres, adding salad greens to the plate, will help your insulin level not to spike when you… Continue reading

  • Cook, Move & Smile

    Cook, Move & Smile

    One of my son’s friends is training to be a make up artist, lovely young lady that I wanted to encourage, so invited her to do my make up, she worked hard and did a great job, but there’s only so much she can transform…lol 🙂 This is a short blog to share her details… Continue reading

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