February 8, 2017

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    This is my miracle vinegar, I use bottles and bottles of it all the time, I use it to clean non-organic fruit and vegetables, as a drink, to add some digestive acid to my stomach ‘lets face i… Source: Apple Cider Vinegar Continue reading

  • Tomatoes and Bone Health

    Photo post by @mahashouse. Source: Tomatoes and Bone Health Continue reading

  • Frittata

    My favourite Sunday brunch, simple, delicious and nutritious. I’m constantly seeking and experimenting recipes to include my favourite anti-inflammatory spice,’Turmeric’ without i… Source: Frittata Continue reading

  • How the globe can mould your heart

    How the globe can mould your heart

    By guest blogger & Medical student, I’m proud to call my friend. The Future Dr Mohamed Kassem. I’ve come to notice that different places distinctively teach you different ways to love. Most people in their hometowns, in the small societies where they’re brought up and where they watch their childhood friends tie their knots, usually… Continue reading

  • Mackerel,Samphire & Salad

    Mackerel,Samphire & Salad

    I’m usually joyful whenever I’m at my fish monger, and more so when I find some freshly line caught Mackerel. Why? I like to top up my Omega 3 levels naturally, and mackerel is one of those oily fish loaded with Omega 3, most of us are low on our Omega 3, which is anti… Continue reading

  • Krikor Jabotian The Alexander McQueen of the Middle East

    Krikor Jabotian The Alexander McQueen of the Middle East

    My Lebanese McQueen, the best couture designer in the middle east, I love Jabotian, so talented & original. I would walk all the way to Beirut to acquire one of his pieces. From dressing Queen Rania, Michele Obama to Olivia Palermo & many more celebs, he’s certainly conquered the fashion world by a storm. Krikor Jabotian… Continue reading

  • Kundalini Yoga by Dr Heba Shahein (Noor)

    I’m thrilled today as Dr Heba Shahein (Noor) is guest blogging on MahasHouse Continue reading

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