February 2017

  • 7 Steps To Rid You Off Burping/Belching.

    7 Steps To Rid You Off Burping/Belching.

    Bloating causes burping which can be quite a distressing issue, not only embarrassing in most cultures! but can also be very uncomfortable, causing you stomach pain & or gas, the pain can even be in the upper part of your chest, which can be worrying; when all it is really, is an acid reflux. Belching… Continue reading

  • Don’t Make Your Skin Your Third Kidney!

    Don’t Make Your Skin Your Third Kidney!

    The Kidneys in Naturopathy and Chinese medicine, is recognised as being the energy organ of vitality, sexuality and fertility. Hydrating is key to your kidneys, so drinking Clean filtered water is essential. Identifying a toxic Kidney is one of the sings I look for in my client’s skin, so what are some of the causes of… Continue reading

  • Oscars 2017 Top Gowns.

    Oscars 2017 Top Gowns.

    I’m no fashion police, but rather I’m in awe of beautiful gowns, pieces of Arts for me, so would try to never criticise a dress, as to the woman who chose it, maybe her dream dress, so what heart ache it may cause  if someone critiqued it. I know I’d hate it if someone gossiped… Continue reading

  • Why Do I Love Avocados?!

    Why Do I Love Avocados?!

    Balancing your electrolytes is crucial for your heart health, if you consume a diet high in sodium and low in potassium, then you’re setting yourself for metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even Cardiovascular diseases. There has to be a balance though, too much potassium is not good either, its all about balance,… Continue reading

  • Exercise & Hormonal Balance!

    Exercise & Hormonal Balance!

    Whenever I hear the word Gym, I literally cringe, I have bad memories with my local gym forcing me to commit to a yearly membership, even though I hated it, I somehow feel claustrophobic whenever I’m in a Gym, don’t ask why!! its literally my only Phobia, outdoor exercise is my preferred place, if you… Continue reading

  • Gut Healing Stewed Apples!

    Gut Healing Stewed Apples!

      This recipe is ideal if you’re looking to help promote a healthy gut flora and bowel regularity, plus its a Hormone friendly recipe too.  You can eat this daily for breakfast or at least 4 days/ week. I add some coconut yogurt and a few soaked almonds to it. Ingredients:   6 Bramley cooking apples,(or… Continue reading

  • Hormone Friendly Smoothie!

    Hormone Friendly Smoothie!

    Following on from my hormone friendly recipes, here’s another favourite of mine, so filing, I have it for breakfast, or a midday snack, not only its hormone friendly, but also highly alkalising for your system. The pectin in the apples is so soothing for your gut, the cucumber provides you with all the minerals &… Continue reading

  • Freekeh Vegetables Chicken Soup.

    Freekeh Vegetables Chicken Soup.

    Did I hear you say ‘you have a cold’ then head to your kitchen and start cooking. XX Freekeh is a staple food in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially in  Jordan, Egypt and north Africa. A type of wheat that’s harvested prematurely and roasted. It has high fiber and protein content and it’s also nutrient-rich with… Continue reading

  • Parsley Humous For Hormonal Balance!

    Parsley Humous For Hormonal Balance!

    Phytoestrogens are plant foods that can have an Oestrogen-like activity & a hormonal-balancing effect on your body. Chickpea is a pulse that is loaded with phytoestrogens. It contains a compound called Isoflavones, don’t let the word Oestrogen worry you that it will make you Oestrogen dominant, thats not how it works, unlike HRT, these plant… Continue reading

  • Cabbage, Parsley, Avocado & Pomegranate Detox Salad.

    Cabbage, Parsley, Avocado & Pomegranate Detox Salad.

    This is my take on the traditional coleslaw salad, with my added ingredients to make it a detox, delicious, nutritious salad. Cabbage is part of the cruciferous family, its great at detoxing your liver, the added Avocado, adds in the good fats that keeps you fuller longer, with its abundance of vitamins & minerals too.… Continue reading

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