Yes you got it, no recipes required here, EGGS, you know the drill, always 'organic' 'free range' SPINACH' any green will do really, and the star of the show 'AVOCADO' I also add TURMERIC, SUNFLOWER SEEDS & BLACK SESAME....Yummmmmmmmm

Roast ‘Organic’ Salmon Dinner

Full, full of Nutrients, from Omega 3 to calcium, magnesium, potassium and many more, this dinner recipe is the Bomb. Ingredients: Wild or organic Salmon. 150 g Quinoa  Variety of green vegetables 'be creative' here I used courgettes, kale, celery, leeks, french beans, pls feel free to use any in season, mother nature is generous. … Continue reading Roast ‘Organic’ Salmon Dinner

Flaxseed Foccacia

Hey girls & boys, looking for another yummy gluten free focaccia? then follow these simple steps to eating one.., Ingredients: 2 Cups ground flaxseeds. 1 tsp baking powder, or 2-3 organic free range egg whites 4 Organic Eggs 1/2 cup water salt 1/2 cup olive oil. Preheat oven to 180 degrees combine all dry ingredients … Continue reading Flaxseed Foccacia

Endive ‘Chicory’ Pomegranate Salad

Did I hear someone say salad!!! aaa borrrrrring, tasteless, NOT my salads, here goes. This Endive salad is not only delicious, Endive is being hailed as a super food, with a recent study suggesting that, a compound found in the bitter leaves called chicoric acid may stave off dementia. you had me at 'dementia', I don't … Continue reading Endive ‘Chicory’ Pomegranate Salad

Shawl-Collar Double-Breasted Wool Cardigan

Today I'm fashion blogging for my male followers, check out this look, Ideal for when the weather is milder and you don't require a heavy coat, this  cardigan has been knitted in Italy from beautifully soft wool. The generous shawl collar and double-breasted front enhance its warm, cosy feel, but the clever cut ensures it won't add any bulk … Continue reading Shawl-Collar Double-Breasted Wool Cardigan

Gluten Free, Yeast Free Irish Soda Bread

This is my take on the famous Corrigan Irish Soda bread, he uses porridge oats to give his soda bread an authentic Irish texture. Covering the just-baked bread with a damp cloth stops it drying out so fast but, even so, this is best eaten the day it's made. ONE BIG TIP I CAN GIVE … Continue reading Gluten Free, Yeast Free Irish Soda Bread