January 26, 2017

  • The 5 pieces you need to invest in your wardrobe

    The 5 pieces you need to invest in your wardrobe

    Its always nice to find a bargain, and like most of us I await the sales just as a child awaits Santa clause, but there are a few essential pieces you should consider splurging on. Thanks to their timeless nature and practicality, these investment pieces are a must: Here they are A crisp new white… Continue reading

  • Super Antioxidant Dessert

    Super Antioxidant Dessert

    I’m not one with a sweet tooth, over the past few years I’ve trained my body not to crave sugar, through eating healthy fats and good quality proteins, having said that, I still like to get some good antioxidants in my system, and what’s better than berries, this amazing recipes is 100% approved by moi,… Continue reading

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