Endive ‘Chicory’ Pomegranate Salad

Did I hear someone say salad!!! aaa borrrrrring, tasteless, NOT my salads, here goes.

This Endive salad is not only delicious, Endive is being hailed as a super food, with a recent study suggesting that, a compound found in the bitter leaves called chicoric acid may stave off dementia. you had me at ‘dementia’, I don’t want to reach a stage where I can no longer remember where I last left my Chanel bag, that would kill me, right??

For the serious stuff, I love pomegranate, I would eat it everyday if I could, I’m also aware of its sugar content, so with this in mind & this salad recipe, I won’t have the guilt as I add the endive, a handful of kale to balance all that sugar in the pomegranate and we’re good to go..this recipe is plenty for 2 people, if there are more of you, then God help you 🙂


  1. 1 endive
  2. A handful of chopped organic kale
  3. Half a pomegranate
  4. Half an Avocado
  5. 1 medium size organic red pepper ‘all that Vitamin C’ no wonder I’m buzzing..
  6. Half an organic cucumber
  7. olive oil
  8. 1 lemon/lime
  9. 2 tbs of mixed seeds

Chop & Mix all the above together, then add the dressing just before serving and enjoy.

PS. wherever I ask you to buy Organic, its because these foods are part of the first dozen and high levels of pesticides have been found leaching on them. For an up to date list of the dirty/clean dozen, check the ewg.org website.




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