Thyroid Health

Did you know that your morning routine could be triggering your Thyroid disease??
Your toothpaste, the water you drink, the make up you use, the soap on your face and more, all could be triggers!! why??
Because of Toxins, the world we live in now is toxin loaded, we’re bombarded everyday by toxic chemicals, and we’re paying the price.
You need to lower the harmful toxic load from your life, by going to a sauna to detox as often as you possibly can, even a hot steam bowel at home with some essential oils may help a little, opt for natural moisturisers such as natural oils and Shea butter, eat organic foods with no pestecides, use non antiperspirant natural doedrants, olive oil natural soaps, castor oil soap and so on….
The more of us opt for natural produce, the more they will be available, and the less toxic load we will have on our environment. I see many people with thyroid and auto immune issues these days, at a record level, mostly due to either toxicity or deficiency…we’ve become as I call it, the ‘take away society’
Your health and your family’s health starts in the grocery store and in your kitchen, my kitchen is always messy..guess why!! yes you guessed it; cause I actually cook, every day, 3 times a day, I’m either chopping, steaming, sautéing or juicing, and I still work and have a social life, I’m able to, because I invest time into my house health. I would easily say that the highest budget in mahashouse goes on food, so priorities and invest in your health today, and the brain fog will clear, the hormone issues will balance, and the serotonin level will rise, yes all of this will happen if you eat healthy and be mindful of your toxic load.

Wishing you a happy and healthy life from my Kitchen.xx


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