January 15, 2017

  • Frittata

    My favourite Sunday brunch, simple, delicious and nutritious. I’m constantly seeking and experimenting recipes to include my favourite anti-inflammatory spice,’Turmeric’ without it being too over bearing, as my family is not always too keen on it, unless I hide it somehow, and what better way to blend it in other than the old favourite ‘eggs‘. enjoy!… Continue reading

  • Visit to Zimbabwe

    Truly one of the highlights of my life, was visiting the beautiful African country of Zimbabwe, with such kind, lovely people, walking with Rhinos at dawn was particularly invigorating for me. Whenever I visit a new country, I’m usually intrigued about their staple diet, and how it impacts their health, in this case Zimbabweans eat… Continue reading

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UK registered Naturopath, Iridoligist & Functional Medicine Practitioner